MINUTES of the 2016 World Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation, Inc. Congress
Oktober 30th, 2015; Coference Hall Hotel Liberty, Riva del Garda, Trentino, Italy.

15:30 :  Registration of Nations

Quorum: 25% of the voting membership (members of the Executive Committee are not counted in calculating the quorum, although they have full voting privileges).   For voting purposes, a majority determines the outcome except for amendments to the Constitution and or to the Rulebook; in those situations, 2/3 of the voting members must vote affirmative in order to pass the motion/proposal.                 
The total number of the WDFPF voting membership:   21 
Voting members present :    21 .  
The number of Executive Committee members:   2 
25% of the total membership will equal:   5  .   
2/3 of the voting members will equal:   14   .  

This meeting is OFFICIAL.

Presentation of the present nations and voting members:

 Belgium: Backelant Wim, SudarmintoIndra, Gregg Aert

 Gr.Britain: Patricia Reeves

 Moldova: Teliucov Serghei, Teliucov Ina, Gogu Victor

 Germany (mail): Peschel Markus, Forner Frank, Killian Rebekka

 Russia: Segal Yulia

 Ireland: Chris Richards

 France: Dheilly Jean- Claude, Dheilly Thnuelle, Delaporte Sylvie

 Italy: Bianko Ivano, Bosco Marko, Garolla Mauro

 Ukraine: Ivanov Alexandr, Dnisoc Sergey, Skripilev Alexandr

16:00 :

No proposals from nations for the congress

Welcome from WDFPF committee:

Year review 2016: President, Wim Backelant:
The 2016 Year was a very special for WDFPF. We were required to change the place of WC Powerlifting from Ireland to Italy. Great thanks to Italian Federation for picking up and organising the competition so fast.

  • Unfortunately, because of the problems in France the WC Single have had to move venue. The WC Single will be in Antwerp, same place and hotel as in 2013.
  • Great thanks to the organiser of EC Powerlifting in Western-Super-Mare. It was very good competion. Every day we finished very early. Let’s continue this tradition
  • The balance of WDFPF is 800 Euro. We used money for extra drugg tests, documents, certificates.
  • Due to the fact that Mariana refused to register our federation in Germany we were obliged quickly put the WDFPF chair from Germany to Belgium and change the Constitution and Rulebook. The previous ones were written according the USA laws, that were not compatable with Europe registration. New Constitution and Rule book is 90% the same as an old. Constitution and rulebook are extant from 01 January 2017.

  • Major changes
  • At International events the inspection of kit is not mandatory. 
    It is the responsibility of the National Technical Secretary of all Nations to
    ensure that their lifters are wearing suitable equipment prior to or at I
    nternational events.Where lifters are unsure if an item meets the required 
    criteria there will be a Technical Officer who will inspect as required. 
    Where a lifter is found to enter the event with equipment that would otherwise
    fail to meet the required the lifter disqualified.
    WDFPF qualification Totals & Scores apply to World Championship events both 
    Full Power and Single Lifts and European Full Power and Single Lifts.
    If the Chief Referee observes the lifters head no longer in contact with 
    the bench, he shall raise their arm indicating to the side referees that 
    the head has come off the bench. In such case the side referees will 
    automatically give a no lift. This is the ONLY occasion during the bench 
    press the Chief Referee is allowed to raise their hand/arm
    Knee sleeves may be worn in the EQUIPPED Division only. 
    They must not more than 30cm in total length. 
    They must be made of a 1 Ply material
    From now on NO TYPE of shirt that is considere compressive is allowed to be 
    worn at WDFPF events. Thia is defined as any type of shirt that is figure 
    hugging and has elastic properties
    EQUIPPED MEANS EQUIPPED – any lifter entering the equipped competition must 
    be equipped as indicated below:
    1.Squat – A squat suit or Knee wraps/Sleeves or a combination of both
    2.Bench Press – A recognised Bench Shirt is MANDATORY
    3. Deadlift – A DL suit. Knee wraps/Sleeves or a combination of both
    In order to promote a standart of lifting at international events not 
    only must the TOTAL of all opening lifts meet the required total BUT ALL 
    of the lifts entered must be a minimum of the SL qualifying lifts.

    Competition proposals for 2017 - 2018

    Bid Presentations  2017  
    European Champ. POWERLIFTING         Biella (Piedmont, North Italy) 29-30 April 2017        
    World Champ.    SINGLE EVENT         Antwerp, Belgium 2-3-4 June 2017
    European Champ. SINGLE EVENT 
    We have two candidates for organising the European Single Championships in 2017 : Ukrain, Moldova
    At the congress it was not deceided who would get the championship , because of missing information.
    Both countries are to provide the Executive Commettee with a COMPLETE competition file no later than 16 December 2016.
    After receiving the info the WDFPF will organise a postal ballot, and let the member nations decide were the competion will be held. 
    The result of the postal ballot will be published at 16 January 2017.
    World Champ.       POWERLIFTING        Boston, USA 3-4-5 November 2017                                                
    Intension bids (voting on congress 2017 ) Full information about the competitions must be present by the organisers
    Bid Presentations  2018  
    European Champ. POWERLIFTING      Scotland
    World Champ.    SINGLE EVENT      Italy/Malta
    European Champ. SINGLE EVENT      England/ Ireland
    World Champ.    POWERLIFTING      Scotland
    Intension bids ( voting on congress 2018 )
    Bid Presentations  2019     
    European Champ. POWERLIFTING 
    World Champ.    SINGLE EVENT      USA/ Italy
    European Champ. SINGLE EVENT      Wales  
    World Champ.    POWERLIFTING      Italy

    End of congress

    Download the pdf here